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India, even at the best of times, is an unpredictable country for foreigners. At other times, it is a challenging place for natives too. All the same, it is one of the fastest growing nations and one of the biggest markets of the world – truths that make it almost indispensable for all governments and large corporations of the world.

Broad and reactionary advisories by foreign governments and large corporations are incapable of equipping their travellers with responses for unexpected challenges in an unpredictable country like India.

What is direly missing, therefore, is a product that combines contextual and preemptive awareness with continuous support to, first and foremost, secure workforce and then help their business and/or travel function more efficiently.

So, how do foreign governments and transnational businesses address the current deficit of and the concurrent need for informed travel advises and solutions?

How do they know that they are doing all that they can to protect their citizens and/or workforce?

Well, till now they have no answers to the above. But now there is an easy one viz. Ti91, Travel Intelligence India.

» The Ti91 Answer

Ti91 provides foreign visitors and their organisations travel (includes transportation and hospitality) risk management strategies and responses to protect them from any unforeseen challenges and help them maximise the returns of their fixed-term visit to India.

Whether the need of the hour is pre-travel advice, securing local security and logistical support during the travel or actual execution of personal and/or business projects, Ti91’s specialist team ensures that foreign visitors remain “sure-footed about every step that they need to take in India, much before they leave the secure comfort of their homes”.

Ti91 especially answers the need for medical, business and spiritual travels.