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  • Interactive Travel Management and Tools: The foundation of all solutions provided by Ti91 carries travel advisories for global corporations and specialty/business travelers that go much beyond the “safe, go ahead” or “unstable, postpone” alerts, and provide socio-political context, real time updates, introduction to safety tools, training for security management and future contingency solutions for emergency situations in India.
  • Alerts, Advisories and Travel Security Management:
  • Medical Travel Management (‘Ti91 Medvisory’)India is fast becoming a favoured nation for a range of specialist and highly sophisticated medical treatments at an affordable rate. But not all places are equal for all people. Let us help you choose the best one for your health requirements.
  • Business Intelligence Solutions (‘Ti91 Market Key): Ti91 provides relevant industry briefing, high caliber research reports, B2B periodicals, events, web portal and intelligence tools that feature market data, forecasts, opinion and analysis of India’s key industrial sectors. At the heart of the aforementioned intelligence is Ti91’s signature software platform Terminal 91.
  • News, Research, Tools and Analytics: The final word on the marriage of technology and service, Ti91 Mobile App synchronises your entire travel plan – including ALL bookings and business appointments – with your mobile device. Significantly, all the information served  is up-to-date, and any changes made are reflected on your mobile device as well as Ti91 database/client login.
  • 24×7 Communications and Assistance: Every first-time traveler to India is anxious about a host of issues related to convenience, health and security. While no agency in any country can guarantee an event-free travel, the best ones make sure that they stay by the side of their clients in the hour of need. At Ti91, we don’t react, we act 24×7.

NOTE: Every Ti91 solution comes embedded with a customized consultancy service that answer specific business and information needs of global corporations and support them in meeting unique needs of their employees and/or customers. Individual specialty/business travelers get similar tailored solutions.