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Reputation is Everything

  • Aug 06 / 2015
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Reputation is Everything

It’s easy to catch really! Some very ‘everyday individuals’, with not too awe-inspiring credentials on social media boast of a followers/friends pool that even most celebrities would give their right hand for.

And that’s where they overdo it. In fact, not just overdo, they just completely do it the wrong way. This is how:

‘Statistical success’ on the largest social media platforms is well within everyone’s reach – for, ‘success’ as measured by likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter is also a commodity that can be bought over the counter. (Whether that ‘success’ lasts or not, however, depends enormously on the follow-up actions that you take.)

But in the greed to look ‘too successful’ ‘too soon’, many individuals and organisations end up ‘buying success’ of ‘questionable quality’. In other words, the likes by and followers – in a multiple of thousands – that many end up buy for heavy dollars, are often bots (computer generated profiles, and not actual humans).

So, if anyone spends more than 30 seconds to go through the massive list of such likes/followers, it becomes apparent to them that they have been bulk brought – going by the lack of pictures, profile descriptions, activity and unexplained geographical span, to name a few.

And THAT can immediately kill it for the person who seems to be boasting of his/her ‘social media stature’. Sometimes for good; for, as the very old one goes, first impression is the last impression. And anyone in business who believes that reputation does not matter the most, doesn’t stay in business for long.

But that’s not to say that the idea is all wrong.

But to get it right, you can begin your social media marketing by ‘buying Facebook likes or Twitter followers’ from a company like Boostlikes, which calls itself a social media promotion service that helps you “exponentially grow your social media following to improve your reputation”. But the key is that they talk of “real, human likes” as a delivery.

An elementary search on internet would tell you that there are many other companies too that do this. You can take your pick as per your requirement and budget.

People tend to hit ‘like’ on Facebook pages that have many likes already – partially because it allows them to be associated with ‘successful communities’ and partially because they believe that it gives them too an avenue for mass outreach with fellow ‘likers’.

Mind you, it is almost mandatory for you to build upon the OTC followers/likes – for they come with only limited time guarantee! Yeah, it’s a tough world out there.

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  1. Anuja

    Some people talk boastful but have very immature sense of using it . They flirt with married men , they send them pictures , open a facebook account where only that married man is on friend list . All this is not at all friendship . Somewhere they are guilty of crossing line and getting into forbidden zone . Because of such immaturity families are hurt , children are hurt and that sin is difficult to wash off by writing boastful stuff


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