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» The Essence of the Method

Ti91 configures timely and vital information for foreign visitors by means of an intelligent mix of live, contextual news  and updated information and resources related to the purpose of visit.

The 24/7 Ti91 Global Advisory Hubs (IGAH) in CBD Singapore and GIFT City, Gandhinagar, India, and regionally based on ground Ti91 analysis teams across 10 cities and 200 remote sites in India ensure timely reporting on security challenges and travel disruption anywhere in India.

In association with the two IGAHs, the regional analysis teams, which comprise seasoned journalists/editors, social and political analysts, security and medical resources and academics who have considerable expertise on matters related to their regions, monitor and analyse India’s lively political and social situations, as well as epidemic outbreaks, natural disasters, weather fluctuations to provide the most complete advice that any organisation can ever give to foreigners visiting India.

But that is not the only thing that Ti91 does.

Ti91 has put together signature technology and tools to ensure that both the visitors and their employers/families can have a real time global positioning view of the visitors’ whereabouts in India and their scheduled itinerary. Furthermore, the visitors would also be provided means to communicate with their employers/families in their home nations via phone, email or SMS.

» Breaking Down the Method

All Travel Intelligence India (“Ti91”) actionable information is rigorously sourced and compiled according to an exhaustively written and a precisely-defined NINE STEP METHODOLOGY. The endeavour is to first create travel intelligence and then put it in action on ground for global corporations and other specialty/business travelers engaged in travel to and fro India. Here are the nine steps to intelligence inspired, technology driven travel in India:

  1. Collating Existing Data – Ti91 has put together databases of broad industrial sectors and individual organisational operational data and analysis, which are used as the foundation for our market modelling, forecasting and risk analysis exercises – for security, business and general travel intelligence.The data is sourced from federal and state government briefings, reports and other disclosures inside and outside the Indian parliament and legislative bodies, company annual reports, statements and websites, news releases, external news sources and information providers.
  2. Sector-Specific Research (including micro-level news reporting) – Ti91 team of market research professionals and specialty news reporters collects all the latest news via primary interviews with industry contacts, plus secondary sources including company annual reports, statements and websites, news releases and external news sources. Our companies, projects and deals teams also feed directly into the research and reporting process ensuring all relevant information is updated, complete and contextual.
  3. Creation of Models – Once an intelligent database is created and vetted by both internal and external expert opinions, we feed the latest macroeconomic data and specific market drivers from national statistics offices and trade associations into our complex market models to generate market forecasts. Similarly, the database and a continuous stream of security updates are utilized by our security experts to create some very simple drills to train and equip everyday travelers better ability to respond to emergency situations.
  4. Analyst Review and Quality Control – Modeled forecasts are refined by our experienced analyst teams, based on information collected from the principal constituents of the knowledge chain. The step is not just about review of the methods but also about doing a thorough quality check on the proposals, execution and the professionals and agencies involved.
  5. Development and Education – The development of the product involves using models as the benchmark and using technology and personnel to put together data, personnel and action workflow in all spheres that clients would be served by Ti91. One of the principal arms of this exercise is educating every single agency and expert involved about the big-picture – and yet extremely precise – purpose of Ti91.
  6. Multiple-Platform Delivery (Prior to, during and post arrival) – As the title suggests, this is the business end of the intelligence inspired, technology driven idea. Web, emails, custom publications, phone calls and most importantly Ti91 Mobile App and Ti91 Terminal is utilized to make sure that our clients have a secure and successful travel to and fro India.
  7. Crisis Support Training (On arrival) – One of the signature Ti91 offerings is a customised training session for all client upon arrival in India. Based upon the nature of the travel – especially the extent of contact with Indian society and geography at large – and the business and security risk potential of the client, our expert trainers impart specialized drill to introduce him or her to the range of emergency situations and the best possible responses to them, in complete coordination with Ti91.
  8. Live Tracking, 24×7 Call-in and Emergency Support  – Ensuring that our clients remain on our radar – and that of their government agencies, global corporations and families – is our principal responsibility. It is something that we provide, and derive tremendous satisfaction from. So, while Ti91 knows (if so desired by the client) of the client’s movements at all times, the client can get in touch with us 24×7 via email, phone, fax, social media and office visits. Most significantly, we remain by our clients during any emergency situations, any time of the day, any time of the year.
  9. Live Evaluation and Alternatives* – Now this one sets Ti91 apart from almost every service provider in the sector across the world. We continuously discuss the progress of our client’s travel from the perspective of the purpose of the visit to India and allow modifications of the nature of the partnership sought by the client – while she or he is availing the Ti91 services. We also offer a completely different arrangement within a few hours – though that, in many cases, would involve reworking the contract terms.