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Enhancing continuity of operations initiatives for government agencies

The Challenge

Federal, state and local governments are oftentimes the first line of defense in times of emergencies. Tasked with maintaining public health and safety while facilitating the free flow of commerce, government agencies and personnel must be ready at a moment’s notice to tackle whatever Mother Nature and the world markets throw their way. Not surprisingly, continuity of operations planning (COOP) ranks as a top initiative among governments, driving changes that improve the resiliency of critical agencies.

Our Approach

COOP requires strong planning, training, drills and ongoing monitoring of threats to ensure that personnel are prepared before disruptions occur. Ti91’s world-class intelligence analysts monitor the world 24×7 for operational threats. Our response team works with clients to create, train and practice with rigorous plans before they are needed. At the same time, our  technology automatically notifies you and your employees of threats that could potentially impact travel, expatriate assignments, physical assets and/or targets of interest so you can react quickly to avoid or minimize disruption.

Our Solutions

Today’s government organizations are enhancing efforts to monitor threats and manage risks in order to better protect their people, facilities and homeland. Ti91’s solutions provide government clients with the tools and services they need to meet these critical functions.

  • Mitigate risk by creating, testing and training robust continuity of operations plans
  • Receive critical alerts on events impacting operations around the globe
  • Instantly locate and communicate with travelers and expatriates, 24×7
  • Integrate your global emergency response for personnel
  • Visualize—down to the street level—the impact of threats to your facilities and assets